Report on 2017 Prayer Points

Some revelations during our prayer and quiet times with the Lord include:

  • God already won the battle for N.E. Philadelphia, we only have to praise him continuously
  • God himself is our partner in ministry and we should consult Him on any business matter
  • God is committed to answering every prayer we make for this ministry
  • This ministry will be developing leaders in church planting ministries
  • God’s strategy for reaching all nations in our generation with the gospel must begin in Jerusalem (literal as in Acts 1:8) with a priority to Jewish evangelism (Romans 1:16) – I have done some research on this and found very interesting confirmations. I am still praying on this and researching for clarity
  • Perform prayer walks in the community praying for spiritual hunger
  • Go to the mountains to seek my face – this is a revelation I do not yet totally understand. Right now, I take it to mean – get away from the clutter of noise and the busy-ness of life and spend quality time in solitude praying, focusing, meditating and waiting on the Lord. Sometimes, I try to also take trips outside the city to pray.

Milestones accomplished during the year

  1. Vision statement almost complete. Hope to finalize by end of March 2018
  2. Shared gospel with about eleven in July 2017
  3. Three people shown interest in ministry.
  4. Participated in community meetings and made some contacts in developing relationships
  5. Acquired School Van intended to provide services to youth programs in the community
  6. Setup a temporary place at home for bible study and prayers for community members

Challenges for 2018

  1. Fasting and prayer for directions and manifestation of God’s glory and praise
  2. Completing cultivate coaching plan
  3. Continue courses in Christian ministry
  4. Develop relationships with Messianic Jews in the community
  5. Developing intentional relationships with multi-ethnic individuals or groups in the community
  6. Providing community service in partnership with a community service agency – use of van to help youth activities
  7. Throw lunch and dinner parties to reach out to neighbors
  8. Begin bible study and prayer ministry at home
  9. Introduce Alpha program to community
  10. Meet with local Church leaders to learn from them
  11. Complete Strategic Plan for new church plant
  12. Recruit core team for church launch project planning and fund raising


2 thoughts on “Report on 2017 Prayer Points

    • Thanks, Rabbi Abdulai. You’ve jogged my memory about those precious days, I believe God is still answering those prayers today. Remember also the watch and prayer group in Bible School😅😅

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