Happy Thanksgiving – The year in Review

Thank you for praying with us and God bless you on this Thanksgiving week with many many blessings. We thank God for bringing all of you into our lives. Your prayer support has encouraged us to move on with the vision God has given us to reach the world for His Kingdom and for His glory. Below is a report of the year in review. We will be counting on your prayer support as we move into the coming year, the year of our church plant and harvest. Amen

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Believers in Christ:

     Our plan this year was to continue seeking the face of the Lord and interceding for the community to discover God’s plan for the community. We have continued to prayer walk in the community, occasionally share the gospel, organized an Easter Brunch party, and shared gospel tracts with free water on July 4th USA Independence holiday. We also participated in a Church Multiplication Network training program for church planters at Journey Church in Cleveland, Ohio in July of 2019. It was a great time of learning and networking with other leaders passionate about church planting.

      Praise the Lord, we started a Prayer Line Conference this year in June 2019 and we average about 12 regular participants each week when we meet online. It’s a marvelous time of seeking God and experiencing the divine presence of the Holy Spirit as He ministers to everyone’s needs. Testimonies of answers to prayer are often shared whenever we meet. Our goal for the prayer ministry is to fellowship with one another in the divine presence of  the Father, with the comforts of Christ’s love and mercy as the gifts of the Holy Spirit are manifested among us. It’s an opportunity to participate in the covenant blessing of Abraham through the broken body and shed blood of Yeshua Ha Maschiach and His imminent reign as King and Lord of all the earth. Our focus is on people and their needs: their families, friends, and neighbors, to equip and empower them to change their communities and change the world.   

     We are still planning to work with a local Church Multiplication Program on the church plant, complete our strategic plan with Cultivate, and also complete a doctorate program in Christian Leadership and Ministry by October next year. You will notice that we are changing our ministry name from TOP to Discovery in line with the vision as it unfolds. This change may continue until it is confirmed by the Holy Spirit, our partners which includes you and registered with the authorities! Pray with us for God’s clear vision and plan for the ministry, pray for God to connect us with people of similar passion to partner with us in the church launch and pray with us to be faithful and obedient to God, walking in His Presence and being Holy.

     Our vision is to help people encounter God, develop personal relationship with Yeshua, discover their spiritual gifts and serve their communities through fellowship meetings, corporate worship, prayer and leadership development conferences, community services, counseling, practical discipleship training and missional trips (Genesis 1:28; 17:1-9; Matthew 6:33; I Corinthians 14:1; Galatians 5:22-23). Our strategy is to make disciples of the un-churched and equip them to become disciple-rs of their network, both local and abroad, in fulfilment of the prophetic declaration of Yeshua ha Mashiach in Matthew 24:14, based on His approach in Acts 1:8, as Paul demonstrated in his ministry narrated in Romans 1:16.

     We thank God for the fire that is still burning in our hearts for the Lord and for souls to be saved.  Please, thank God with us for answering our prayer to raise a team of 12 people for regular prayers. We now have an average of 11 to 14 people showing up every week on Thursdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST to pray online. Continue to pray with us that we will be able to model the vision, serve the community and launch the ministry before the end of next year.

     Please, if your schedule will permit, consider joining us every Thursday to pray online. Dial 1.844.875.7777 with access code 128604# to connect. Share this with your family and friends, especially those living in the vicinity of Northeast Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. If the Lord is talking to your heart come and join us. You can contact us at sktigah@gmail.com. Pray and fast with us as we are storming the devil’s territory in northeast Philadelphia, that the Holy Spirit will lead us and there will be no room for the flesh. Thank you and God bless you.

Happy Thanksgiving and Shalom!

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