A Covenant of Grace

Genesis 12:1-20

“Can God Also Favor Me?”

Abram was like any one of us, a man full of human frailty, vulnerable to sin and subject to all manner of schemes and temptations but he was also a man who dared to believe that there is a God who communicates with his creatures and has a higher purpose and a better plan for their lives.

Here was a man who left his country and his people because he heard “a voice” – the voice of God calling him to a place yet unknown. By faith he set out to fulfill that calling but lo and behold when things became hard and tough, when food became scarce, and life seems to be flickering away, he left the land of his calling – Canaan -to seek greener pastures in Egypt.

On his way to Egypt out of fear for his life and family he connived with his wife to lie to the king of Eqypt. He did what anyone of us will do to survive, but is that what God demands of us? Is that what truly put food on the table?  Does telling lies and being greedy and stingy bring pleasure and satisfaction to our lives? Is that what will give us riches, success, fame and glory?


….for the word of God tells us that lying and all these dubious ways we live our lives is sin and the payment for sin is death. Sin brings guilt, remorse, condemnation, pain, suffering,  sickness, separation from your creator, separation from your loved ones and ultimately death. (Romans 6:23)

However God preserved Abram and his wife and his family, why?

It’s called favor!!!

It’s called grace!! It’s called the unmerited favor of God. In spite of his weakness, in spite of his sin, in spite of his dubious schemes, God chose to favor Abram instead of punishing him for his sin. God saved him from strangers and rewarded him with gifts from his enemies.

Because of Abram, Pharaoh who took Abram’s wife to be his concubine suffered turmoil in the night, he couldn’t sleep, he had bad dreams, his family was plagued with deceases, he had no peace until he returned Abram’s wife back to him and showered him with gifts, then he asked him to leave.  Abram came to Egypt poor but left Egypt a rich man. WOW!

That’s what happens to a man or woman whom God Favors!!!!

He makes your enemies seek peace with you, and He prepares a table of delicacies before you in the presence of your enemies!!! (Psalm 23:5)

You may ask, how can I also get such a favor from God? How can I be blessed while I am living such a painful life, such a stressful, miserable life, such an unfulfilled and lonely life?  No one seems to care about me, bills so overwhelming, nothing seems to be working right for me. Can God also favor me!

Yes He Can.

All you have to do is ask him. (Pray this prayer below and make it your own……)

“God I need your favor, I need your blessing.

I admit that I am not as good as I should be,

I admit that as much as I try to make it on my own, life becomes harder and harder.

Look upon me and have mercy on me.

I am willing to trust you and to believe in you.

Come into my heart today,

Cleanse me from sin and

Be Lord and Savior of my life,

Give me the power to live the kind of life that pleases you and enjoys your favor.

I ask all this in Jesus Christ’s Name!!!


After Saying this prayer out loud with your mouth and believing in your heart the words of this prayer, God will pour out His Spirit into your soul and your life will change forever. Look for a bible believing church for fellowship and grow in spiritual things.

To Be Continued….


Church service was cancelled last Sunday because of heavy snow. I had shared with our church members on the night of 31st December that 2014 was going to be a year of an “OVERFLOW” of the mighty blessings of God inspired by Andre Crouch’s revival song – Mighty Wind.

For me that superabundant outpouring of the snow and weather conditions during the beginning of the year is symbolic and confirmation of what God is going to do this year. He, the Holy Spirit, will descend upon us as a mighty rushing wind, to blow away the troubles, the anxieties, the problems, the stumbling blocks that are hindering God’s people from living a victorious and abundant life of  joy, peace, health, prosperity and success (Psalm 1:3,4). The righteous (the believer in Christ) will prosper, but the wicked (non-believer, evil, oppressor, extortionist, the greedy, etc) will be blown away like chaff.

The Spirit of God will anoint God’s people and lead them into superabundance. If you think you were blessed in 2013, you haven’t seen nothing yet, expand your asset portfolios, for all your resource barns in 2014 will be “pressed down, shaken together and overflowing” with the mighty blessings of God (Luke 6:38).

Why is that going to happen? – see Joel 2:23-27 that was the scripture God laid upon my heart for 2014 – God will do that because He loves us unconditionally, unmeritoriously, and because He is a God of mercy and grace. He will do that so that people will give Him Praise and the world will know that He alone is GOD and there is no other.

How is he going to do it? By pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh – upon young men and young women, upon the leaders and citizens, young and old.

So what should we do now? Wait upon him – seek him diligently, pray without ceasing and keep on asking him to reveal himself to you in a personal way until he does and “You, shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”  God bless you!