Happy Thanksgiving – The year in Review

Thank you for praying with us and God bless you on this Thanksgiving day with many many blessings. We thank God for bringing all of you into our lives. Your prayer support has encouraged us to move on with the vision God has given us to reach the world for His Kingdom and for His glory on earth. Below is a report of the year in review. We will be counting on your prayer support as we move into the coming year, the year of our church plant and harvest. Amen

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Believers in Christ:

     Our plan this year was to continue seeking the face of the Lord and interceding for the community to discover God’s plan for the community. We have continued to prayer walk in the community, occasionally share the gospel, organized an Easter Brunch party on Easter Saturday, and shared gospel tracts with free water on July 4th USA Independence holiday. We also made connections with Messianic Jewish believers and friends of Israel when the Lord opened the door for Sam to visit Israel in July this year. Praise the LORD! Some of our Jewish friends are on this prayer list. Let’s continue to pray for Israel and the world!
     We also launched our monthly TOP Community Prayer Meeting with a three-day revival in the first week of November this month with Rev. Dr. Samuel Obeng Apau as our main Speaker. He spoke on the theme “Do Not Let the Fire Go Out of Your Hearts” (Romans 12:11-13) and we were challenged to continue serving the Lord fervently just as the first church did and turn their world upside down with the gospel. 
     We are continuing the monthly prayer meetings every last Friday of the month. Sam is planning to work with a local Church Multiplication Program on the church plant, complete his strategic plan with Cultivate, and also complete his classroom studies in Leadership and Christian Ministry by May next year. He should have a Strategic Plan completed before the end of the first quarter in 2019. Pray with us that we will be faithful and obedient to God, walking in His Presence and being Holy.
     Our vision is to help people restore their relationship with God through a personal encounter with Yeshua, small group fellowships, corporate worship, spiritual giftings, pursuing God’s purpose, walking in the Spirit, developing leadership qualities, and pursuing Holiness (Genesis 1:28; 17:1-9; Matthew 6:33; I Corinthians 14:1; Galatians 5:22-23). Our strategy is to make disciples of the un-churched and equip them to become disciple-rs of their network groups both local and abroad in fulfilment of the great commission of Yeshua ha Mashiach (Matthew 28:18-19).
   We thank God for the fire that is still burning in our hearts for the Lord and for souls to be saved.  Our immediate need is to raise a team of about 12 people who will meet regularly to prayerfully model the vision, serve the community and plan to launch the church by the middle of next year. Please, share this with your friends and family who are living in the vicinity of Northeast Philadelphia. If the Lord is talking to your heart come and join us. You can contact us at sktigah@gmail.com. Pray and fast with us as we are storming the devil’s territory in northeast Philadelphia, that the Holy Spirit will lead us and there will be no room for the flesh. Thank you and God bless you.
Happy Thanksgiving and Shalom!

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