Prayer List 1 for May 2017

  • Pray for God’s clear and unadulterated vision for the ministry.
  • Pray for the spirit of humility and brokenness to accept His will for my life and that:
    • The flesh with its passions and desires will remain crucified Gal.5:13-21
    • Christ will live in my heart by faith Gal.2:20
    • My life will be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Gal.5:22-23
    • God’s word will richly abide in my heart, soul and mind Ps.119:1-3, 18, 33-36, 96-105
    • And that He will endue me with the spirit of intercession and passion for souls
  • Pray for the leading, direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit in my life.
  • Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and the operation of His spiritual gifts for the building of His church in Philadelphia and beyond 1 Corinthians 12:7-11, 27-31. Ephesians 4:11-13
  • Pray for wisdom in dealing with individuals and community problems in northeast Philadelphia, to be able to analyze issues, provide solutions that will liberate souls and bring healing to the community
  • Pray for the very words and content of the message that the Lord will want us to share with the people in the community.
  • Pray for boldness, utterance, fluency of speech and the ability to effectively communicate the gospel to the understanding of the people in the community
  • Pray for the location of the church and the ability to acquire it
  • Pray for the name of the church that will be in line with God’s vision for the people
  • Pray for the love of God to be poured in my heart: Matthew 22:37- 40
    • To love Him with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind
    • To love my wife and children and for them to unite with me in this calling
    • To love the people and their community (i.e. Philadelphia and beyond)
  • Pray for the church leaders and believers in this community and Philadelphia
    • To live, walk and be led by the Holy Spirit in all that they do.
    • To become leaders in promoting love, unity, peace, justice, mercy and truth in all righteousness. Matthew 6:33
    • To become disciples of Christ spreading the gospel everywhere
    • To become missions-minded, planning, giving, organizing, and planting churches all over the world
  • Pray for a launch team who will work with me to plan, organize, reach out to the community and launch the church by April 2018
    • Praying for people representative of the ethnic groups in the community
      • Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Asians, Indians, Irish, Ukrainians, Africans,
    • Praying for a worship leader, intercessor, music director (plays musical instruments), resource leader (giving), outreach leader (discipleship, small groups, events planning, teachers), service leader (ushers, logistics, maintenance, day care) etc.

God Richly Bless You as you travail with us in prayer!!

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